Also known as a time of sexual liberation

Funny (not funny) how i got more chains now around my waist then i did when i was 16. This has to turn into an escape plan.

I feel a big change coming about how i think about monogamy, sex and commitment.. and I know it’s real because I’m very scared of it, of how my life is going to look after i go thru this process.

Am i becoming a hippy?!

Jokes aside, this is the perfect time in my life to reclaim my feminine power.

And here I am

You never realise milestones, or how quickly life flies by, until you look back.

This month it’s been 10 years since I started this blog…10 fucking years. I can’t believe it honestly.

I changed fundamentally and completely like 4 times by now, but somehow my soul has the same voice. Got a few things to be proud of, got a few things that I’m still working on…

It’s been 10 mind cannot honestly wrap around it, because I realise in a blink of an eye another 10 will pass.

I’m happy to say that i’m still around here, somewhere.

Absenta mea e motivata

Dar cred ca va deveni permanenta. Imi pare sincer rau.
O sa raspund in continuare la mailuri, le multumesc celor care mi-au scris chiar si 3 randuri si va doresc tuturor o viata exceptionala!